Thursday, November 17, 2005

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Comic Books?
...Yeh, I read comics book occasionally.
I have my local comic book shop pull a few select titles each month (or whatever) and put them in a file for me. Then, probably every three months or so I go and clean out my file (that's about often I can afford to do so).  Since I only get a select few titles, I end up spending maybe $20-$30 every three months or so.
I also grab some TPB collections from the library whenever see an interesting title while I'm browsing.
I recently made a trip to my local comic book retailer, as well as the library.
From the library, I grabbed Nightwing Year One
Nightwing Year One
The comics I usually read are not mainstream by any means.  Every now and again I like to grab some mainstream stuff and see what's up.  Nightwing Year One was an interesting read.  I'm familiar enough with the comics world to know that Nightwing is Dick Grayson, ex-Robin, and works with the Teen Titans... That's about it.  I didn't know why he switched monikers (though I assumed it was because Robin was the Boy Wonder, and Dick had grown up).  Now I know it was because he was fired as Robin (how cool is that?!).  I also didn't know why he chose that specific super-hero name, other than it sounds cool.  This book also revealed his inspiration for that.  All-in-all: Good book.
I also picked up another TPB from the library: Superman: For Tomorrow, Volume 1
Superman: For Tomorrow, Volume 1
Yet another good book.  I had never heard about this story line, where somehow a million people disappear from Earth, including Lois Lane (on a side note: I think Diana is a better match for Kal-El than Lois... but that's neither here nor there).  Supes visits a priest to talk his feelings out, and the priest has problems of his own. 
This is just the first 6 issues of a longer story arc, and I didn't find the rest of the series at the library, but if I do find it there eventually - I'll pick it up.
Now on to my recent purchases.
My dear Rubi is a big Buffy/Angel fan, and she made me a fan too (and I've turned her into a Browncoat!). When those series ended, we were disappointed. Then comics publisher IDW picked up the Angel comics license from Dark Horse. Naturally, I picked it up.
Angel: The Curse recently finished its 5-issue run, and another mini-series should be starting soon.  I bought the last three issues on my recent shopping trip. Angel: The Curse wasn't very good, not bad in general, just kind of... boring.  It was like reading an average episode of the TV series, but with only Angel in it.  Basically, he goes to Romania to try to get the happiness part of his curse lifted, and obviously fails.  In between, there's much fighting.
Along this same theme, I also picked up the new Spike one-shot (Spike from the Buffyverse, not Spike from the Transformers-verse). Now this story was pretty good, and the art was also good.  Makes me look forward to any new Spike comics that might come out (I think I remember reading somewhere there will be - but I'm too lazy to look that up right now).  Also, it's written by an author I was familiar with from his Star Trek New Frontier novels.
(On a side note, I recently read on that Joss Whedon will be writing a new post-Chosen Buffy comic at Dark Horse.)
I also got the #0 issue of the latest incarnation of the Transformers G1 comic, also by IDW.  Can't really comment on it since it was a 99-cent issue "introducing" the series, and the title characters were lacking in it (on purpose).  We see Thundercracker (I think, I can never keep him and Skywarp straight) attacking in jet mode.  We see Ratchet in ambulance mode.  I think there were a couple of other minor appearances as well, but the new human characters were the main introduction.  I need to read more of the series (when it comes out next year, before I can comment further).
Another new series I started with the first two issues is Robotech: Prelude to The Shadow Chronicles. This series wraps up the "Sentinels" story-line from way back when and serves as an introduction to the new Robotech series/movie/thing supposedly coming out on DVD next year: Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.  I read the old "Sentinels" comics for a bit while in college, and read the entire novel series.. so this is mostly a retread of the end of that story line - but they've changed it a bit since they are introducing a new series with it.  Not bad in all for the first two issues; I'm looking forward the rest of the mini-series, and definitely looking forward to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles next year.
More reviews of other things to come... sometime.
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