Saturday, August 20, 2005

Mini Book Review: DragonQuest - Dragonspell Series Book 2

I recently finished reading an excellent book:
DragonQuest, The Dragon Keeper Series #2 By Donita K. Paul.

This book is a recommended book "for all ages". It's second in a 4-novel series calles the Dragon Keeper Series. It's fantasy, obviously, with dragons, knights, wizards (one of which, if he stays still too long, turns into a tree - complete with bugs and other assorted pests!), an numerous "high races" and "low races" (well, not numerous - seven of each). The best thing about this series though - is that there is one true God, called Wulder in the series, and his one and only, uhm, representative to the people, called Paladin. Sold in mainstream bookstores (as well as Christian book stores), this is a nice change from other modern fantasy fiction creating their own pantheon of deities.

I eagerly await the next installment in the series. Maybe this is my Harry Potter. I tried to read that series. I read the first two books, and started the third - but couldn't get into it.

There are so many books and book series that I'm enjoying (or trying to find the time to enjoy) that I have to pick and choose what I read. It's like when I get a Barnes & Noble gift card as a gift: Too many books to choose from. Last time I ended up getting the Gargoyles DVD with one of my gift cards!

But anyway - DragonQuest and, so far, the entire Dragon Keeper Series, is excellent!

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