Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Short Book Review: Map of Bones

I just finished reading Map of Bones (a Sigma Force novel) by James Rollins, (well, I actually finished it Sunday evening, but this is the first I've had to write about it).

It's sort of a sequel to his previous novel Sandstorm. The main character from Sandstorm is back in Map of Bones in a supporting role, making way for a new main character.

This book is enjoyable, a fast paced action/adventure novel, with a very small "supernatural" element in the form of lost ancient knowledge. However, this book isn't nearly as good as the authors first two novels, Excavation and Subterranean. Both of those books were heavy on suspense, action, and a strong dose of a perceived supernatural element. I'd recommend those over Map of Bones. However, James Rollins remains one of my current favorite authors in this genre, and all his novels are worth a read.

It seems like I've read many books lately that feature the Vatican, rogue elements within the Catholic Church, and hidden treasures/lost knowledge/supernatural elements, etc: that one book by Dan Brown, The Assignment (a Christian fiction novel I mention in another post)...
Well, those are the only two I can think of off right now, but the point is: They are all running together in my head.

Also, for more on Map of Bones, another Christian author has interviewed James Rollins for one of his podcasts.

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